Logbook Servicing

Having your routine vehicle servicing performed by an experienced mechanic ensures your car always runs safely and reliably. We can perform manufacturer logbook servicing for all French vehicles, so that you can experience our customer service, affordable pricing, and not have to return to the dealership to maintain your factory warranty.

If your vehicle is outside of its warranty period, we also have minor and major servicing options available. Contact us today to find out more or to make a booking.

Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension parts on your vehicle will wear over time and require routine maintenance and repairs to ensure your car handles safely. As your car's steering components wear, it may not handle as precisely and predictably as it once did. Worn or damaged steering components can also result in uneven tyre wear and reduced traction on the road. As your suspension components wear, your car may ride less comfortably on the road.

To book a repair of your vehicle's steering and suspension, contact us.

Brake Repairs

Do your brakes feel underpowered? Or do they squeal under braking? If so your car may be in need of brake repairs. We can repair and replace all brake components to get your brakes operating as the manufacturer intended them to.

We use high quality aftermarket and genuine brake parts to maximise the quality and longevity of all repairs. To make a booking on a brake repair, contact us today.


Having worn tyres on your car can be very dangerous as the vehicle may not handle as predictably as it once did. At Paris Motors, we can supply and fit tyres for all makes and models of passenger and light commercial vehicle. We source our tyres from a range of reputable brands, renowned for their quality, performance and longevity.

To arrange a quote on new tyres for your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Exhaust Systems

Does your car seem louder than normal? Is your exhaust loose or rattling? Having a worn or damaged exhaust can reduce the power and fuel efficiency of your car. At Paris Motors, we can repair and replace exhaust systems on all French vehicles to get your car running quietly and efficiently.

To find out more about our exhaust repairs, or to arrange a quote, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Has your air conditioner stopped blowing cold air? Or is your car making noises when your air conditioner is turned on? You may be in need of air conditioner repairs or servicing to get it working as the manufacturer intended. We are licensed to perform air conditioner repairs on all makes and models, and our team are experienced with any complex faults or issues your air conditioning system may be having.

To book an air conditioning repair for your vehicle, contact us today.



At Paris Motors, we can perform battery testing on your vehicle to determine if you require a new battery. If your vehicle is having trouble starting, or your battery keeps going flat, we can supply and fit a top quality battery to get you back on the road.

Our aftermarket battery suppliers provide high quality batteries at affordable prices. If you'd like to arrange a quote on a new battery for your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Roadworthy Certificate Inspections

At Paris Motors, we can perform roadworthy inspections for all passenger and light commercial vehicles. If your registration has lapsed, we can professionally inspect and complete any repairs required to pass. This inspection covers windows, windscreen, lights, tyres, seats, seat belts, steering, suspension, brake systems and vehicle structure.

To book an inspection, contact us today.

Transmission Servicing

Your vehicle's transmission requires routine servicing to ensure that it operates efficiently and to prevent any major damage from occurring. If your transmission goes unserviced and major damage occurs, it can be incredibly costly to repair. Routine servicing on your vehicle's transmission also ensures that you maximise the lifespan of your vehicle's components.

To find out more, contact our team today.


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